Water Safety

Drowning is fast and SILENT

Are you prepared for water activities this summer?

The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services tracks fatal drownings of children, age 17 and younger, in Texas. In 2017 there were at least 80 fatal drownings. So far in 2018 there have been 19 fatal drownings and multiple non-fatal drownings.

Drowning is preventable! Child Care Licensing recommends assigning an adult Water Guardian whose only responsibility is to watch children who are in, near, or around water.

The role of an adult Water Guardian differs from that of a lifeguard. The Water Guardian’s role is to watch and PREVENT emergencies. A lifeguard is trained to rescue in the event of an emergency.

Wearing a Colin’s Hope Water Guardian badge serves as a physical reminder that you are on duty. If the assigned adult Water Guardian needs a break, the responsibility of watching the children must be assumed by another adult Water Guardian by passing on the Water Guardian badge.

Please review the Water Guardian information for enhanced water supervision. Take the Water Guardian Pledge today. Request your Water Guardian Badges here.

Water Safety Training

Will children in your care participate in water activities this year? Below you will find links to water safety training that we encourage providers to participate in. Don’t forget to plan for learning opportunities for the children in your care with water safety education for your children!

Caregiver Training

Introducing Water Safety to Young Children

Water Safety Tips


Visual Supervision

Learn to Swim

Wear Life Jackets

Barriers around Water

Keep your Home Safer

Check Water sources First

Practice Drain Safety

Open Water (RCCL Only)

Learn CPR

Additional resources from Day Care Division: MSC@hhsc.state.tx.us

Additional resources from Residential Child Care Division: