Our Founders

Changing Lives for His Purpose

For more than 20 years, Larry and Nikki Ranson have been assisting others in the care of their children, while raising their own three biological sons. So, it was no surprise to friends and family when they decided to become foster parents. Larry and Nikki initially opened their home to three foster children in October, 2012. They quickly learned that those three brothers had younger siblings; two more brothers and two sisters. Seeing the unrest of them not being together, this caring couple eventually brought all seven under one roof. No one knew that this would eventually be a permanent placement for the sibling group of seven. This journey to adoption was not planned, but the Ransons state that it was truly ordained by God. Larry shared, “I’m glad that we were chosen and I’m glad that we’ve been given the strength and the resolve and everything else that’s been needed to grow these children.” Through the experiences and memories within the Ranson’s household, two ministries were born, SWAGG Programs and Cherished Impressions Child Placing Agencies. Nikki shared, “God has given our community these ministries to love and support foster and homeless children.” Larry and Nikki Ranson are vessels used by God to assist others in creating cherishable impressions in children for His purpose.